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Bricklink Mosaick

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Sounds interesting ...  Great for those with a Lego Store close to them and are able to look at the Brickwall every two weeks!

trans.gif COMING SOON trans.gif
trans.gif MOSAICK trans.gif

Dear BrickLink Sellers,

Mosaick's beta release is just around the corner! As we make the finishing touches on this awesome new tool, we want to share with you exactly what this feature is and how you can prepare for its release.

What is Mosaick?

Mosaick is our brand new tool that enables the average AFOL or amateur designer to turn any image into a digital LEGO mosaic. Users can adjust settings like resolution and size to meet their individual preference and price constraints, then source the parts right on BrickLink! Designing and purchasing your own LEGO mosaic has never been easier.

Mosaick examples


mona-lisa_original-sm.jpg mona-lisa_mosaic-sm.png
Original image
Mosaick result


stormtrooper_original-sm.png stormtrooper_mosaic-sm.png
Original image
Mosaick result

Why is this important to me as a seller?

We expect Mosaick to bring in a host of new users to the community. Since we've made purchasing the parts for mosaics so simple, we expect sales to significantly increase (for typical mosaic pieces in particular). We want to make sure you are stocked up and ready for the release. With our combined effort, we expect this tool to be a great success!

Sounds great! When will this tool become available?

Open Beta release is currently scheduled for Monday, June 2, 2017. We will be premiering Mosaick to the public at the Brickworld 2017 convention in Chicago, Illinois. We're less than a month away, which is why stocking up on baseplates, plates, and tiles is super important right now!

What are the plate dimensions needed?

The following are the dimensions of the plates that are needed for the Mosaick creations in all colors:


1 x 1 1 x 2 1 x 3 1 x 6 1 x 8 1 x 10 1 x 12    
2 x 2 2 x 3 2 x 4 2 x 6 2 x 8 2 x 10 2 x 12 2 x 14 2 x 16
3 x 3                
4 x 4 4 x 6 4 x 8 4 x 10 4 x 12        
6 x 6 6 x 8 6 x 10 6 x 12 6 x 14 6 x 16 6 x 24    
8 x 8 8 x 11 8 x 16            

What are the tile dimensions needed?

The following are the dimensions of the tiles that are needed for the Mosaick creations in all colors:


1 x 1 1 x 2 1 x 3 1 x 4 1 x 6 1 x 8
2 x 2 2 x 4        
6 x 6          
8 x 16          

What are the baseplate dimensions needed?

The following are the baseplates that are needed for the Mosaick creations:

Since the color of the baseplate is not important for these mosaics, our algorithms will always recommend the lowest priced baseplate(s) in the result.

Is there anything else I should know?

We'll keep you updated with any important information in the next few weeks. For now, you can ask questions and discuss Mosaick on its forum thread.

We appreciate you using BrickLink to host your LEGO business and look forward to a fun and successful summer together.

Go to BrickLink forum for further discussion

-Team BrickLink

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