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Anyone know why my craigslist post keeps getting flagged for removal?


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I listed a bunch of Legos in one listing post on craigslist but it keeps getting flagged for removal. Pretty sure it's not the general public flagging it because it gets removed within a few hours, more likely automated but why?

My title is "Hundreds of Lego sets - $10and the body is just a list of sets and prices and quantities.

My body is "Prices are firm, non-negotiable. Cash only.
All sets are brand new in sealed boxes unless mentioned otherwise..
Pickup location in (City, State, Zip code) at (Store name) parking lot.

Set# / Set Name / Price / Quantity

21103 - The DeLorean time machine - $100 - 10x

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2 minutes ago, pstebbing said:

700 listings is a lot. (But you might be in/near a big city) Could be competition falsely flagging you.
Have you tried contacting Craigslist?

As a frame of reference, I live in the Columbus, *** area. Within say 90 miles of Columbus, *** - Fort Benning,*** - Auburn, AL I came up with 4 LEGO listings. There are several hundred thousand people living in this area. Even if I expand out to include both Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, *** I am only getting 235 LEGO listings.

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