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Greetings from San Diego, CA

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Hey everyone,

Cannot believe I just stumbled across this site and it's probably the best site I have come across in a long time. Amazing how many resources are here. My story with Lego is interesting, I had hundreds of them as a kid and then suddenly stopped collecting... My sets got all jumbled into large bins and I put them away. I even think one bin was donated (grrrr).

Fast forward to me now (age 27) and I have been in the collection game for awhile (comics, art, prints, action figures, etc.... just not Legos) I love SDCC and love the thrill of getting exclusives, but for some reason I didn't ever go back to my Legos until the past couple of months. I have pulled all the bins out of storage and started organizing each set and figuring out what pieces I need to replace to complete some of them. I was collecting a lot from early 2000's like the first Star Wars, Adventure and Ninja sets. I do have a few old castle sets though that I am excited to organize.

Now I find this amazing resource for investing and it seems it is all coming together. I know there was plenty of money to be made back then and 2017 is only that much more popular, but I'd still like to give this a shot. 

Looking forward to meeting people and re-exploring my long lost childhood nostalgia.




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