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Chester Cathedral Lego - The Organ

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I don't know if anyone else got this email, but I thought I would share for anyone who collects these LCP sets. Not exactly overwhelming IMO....but for the completionists out there, or anyone who enjoys collecting the rare sets, it may be a must have. Here's a pic....

Price is roughly $177 US plus shipping and seems to be available now. LE of 500 and comes with COA. Here's the message.....

Arrived Yesterday!!



A Brand new limited edition Lego model – Chester Cathedral Organ! (See photo attached)

This set has 1095 pieces.

Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity

Is a limited edition of 500.

Price is £145.00 plus postage


If you would like to purchase your set/s, please let me know your country & how many sets you would like and I will get back to you with shipping costs.


Thank you.


Kind Regards,



boxart organ mk4 (3).jpg

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Guest TabbyBoy

Do you know if this one has also been designed by Duncan Titchmarsh? I ask as I have a copy of the mini cathedral set already which I bought used off eBay. Thanks!

I'd love to see the Passau Cathedral Organ in LEGO but, that would need the biggest box ever made!

Are there similar sets in the US?

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I have not been able to find the specs on who the designer is for The Organ. But my suspicions are that it was Duncan at Bright Bricks simply because he designed The Water of Life sculpture which was Chester Cathedral's last release.

And to my knowledge...I don't know of any similar sets in the US. But if someone else does....do tell!!

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Just received two of these directly from the Cathedral and they are really impressive! I can confirm it is from Bright Bricks and made by Duncan Titmarsh. I found a couple of photos on Catawiki and some additional info:


" A rare Lego Certified Professional set. 

Chester, the capital of Cheshire, is situated by the river Dee below Liverpool. Important attraction of the town is the cathedral. In 2015 Chester Cathedral and Lego Certified Professional Bright Bricks released a Lego version of this cathedral. This set is almost impossible to find and a collectors item. Chester Cathedral released a new set at the end of 2016. A beautiful replica of a statue from the sculpture garden: the water of life’. This year, Chester cathedral released a Lego version of its famous organ. The set is limited (500), numbered (109 of 500) and is sought after among lovers. In the box you will find a certificate of authenticity. 

Set from 2017, 1.095 pieces." 



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