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How do I sale my Lego Demission?



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Person asked a valid question, nothing wrong with it.

I understand that the dimensions were only 1 dollar, and the risks were "low" if selling via joblots, but this was only true for people who have done arbitrage / reselling previously. As with any gold rush, alot of new people started seeing the dollar signs and started buying up like mad without a plan, these people are not seasoned FBA sellers / have bricklink stores / know about postage costs etc. Most people who have never resold stuff before will sell a few sets then get tired and dump the rest for minimum profit / break even. 

We might be hearing this question alot in the next coming weeks from newly registered members.

It's easy to post pictures buying pallet loads / how much profit you made etc. But people also need to take responsibility and not make fun when people ask types of questions as most likely they also wanted to get on the gravy train trying to emulate others.

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I have lots of different boxes of Lego Demission's brand new how do I sale them?


An easy thing you can do today: open some of the boxes, build the Minifigures. Group the Minifigures by theme and photograph and list them on eBay for $9.99 +shipping. For example:

Gimli, Legolas, and Gollum from Lord of the Rings are a group.

Bad Cop, Emmet, and UniKitty from the LEGO Movie are another.


Don't mention a set number or "Dimensions" in your listing. People looking for Dimensions won't be interested in Minifigures at that price. People looking for Minifigures will find your listing to be a great deal.


Take the Discs with printing on them and sell them in groups of 6 or more as an eBay auction. You'll get about $1 each plus shipping that way.


Take the blank (no printing) discs (also referred to as Toy Tags) in groups of 4-20 and list them for 50 cents each as a Buy It Now listing on eBay.


Hold what you can to sell later, more easily and for more money than can be made right now.


You can also sell a box of 6 of the team or level packs quickly for $30-$40 shipped today on eBay.



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"Nothing wrong with it"......

Actually, I would argue that there is something wrong with it. The poster has made no effort at all to ingratiate themselves with the people who are already here, but wants potentially valuable advice on tap just because they've dropped in to ask for it, using poor English. There's not a lot right with it, at least.

But basically, sell your load of Decommissions in a job lot in 9 months time. That should be good.

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15 hours ago, brickolodon said:
I think BPs motto buy first ask qs second...or think later.
My first question when i see this...
..how i am going to sell all these...???



Problem here really is you can't arm sweep those on the darn racks. Definitely posed a problem for as soon as you start loading up the cart the whole store converges to find out what the hoopla is about.... picking away at your packs in the process.


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