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Royal Guard



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I don't know every single version of this figure either but with a quick Google I found these images, 2nd and 3rd pic looks like one of the battle packs (plus there were some royal guard magnets too but I don't remember arms being so off color), anyway, besides that hands could have been changed in your case, take a look:





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1 minute ago, Lordoflego said:

(If that's the case), I can't imagine it's hard, if they're rare, they will be more expensive, if all you're trying to complete is minifig, may be easier to get regular red arms lol, or leave it as is.

True, just looked it up.  Hands will not be a problem.   I did notice the cape is wrong too.  The one on my fig has a small red cape.

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6 minutes ago, AlMa2017 said:

Well i can help you mate emoji39.png

Just bought a bunch of these little friends today (0,50c a piece)


So this is a magnet?  Capes are different sizes though but everything else looks the same.  On second thought are the arms on your fig dark red?

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There was also a 3pack magnet before, where u could not detach hips from torso, magnets were inside legs so you could remove legs from hips and put regular ones but guard from that pack had glued torso to hips. @fossilrock, picture in question has darker arms, so far hands don't match, so maybe a mismatch unless another member finds a pic with dark red arms and black hands.

but dark arms are in the few pics above.

short cape indicates that he isn't a full fledged member of royal guard yet, he's a wannabe, ;) 

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