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Can you verify my Gray color Guide?




I recently bought a used lot with a bunch of vintage 1x1 plates.

I took the opportunity to make a little color chart, but also want to make sure I did it right before I list these on Bricklink.    I'd appreciate any help with verifying these are correct.   I can take a better picture with macro if this isn't quality enough:   (The Tan is my reference point for the list)


And here's an example of the pieces I need to get listed:


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So I found that this one seems to be more current (has the bluish gray's) but the colors didn't sync up to my comfort when printing:



There's another one I found (trying to find it again) that printed out much more accurately, but doesn't have the newer colors on it.

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Grey and Bley are the hardest to determine. Especially if the Bley has been sun-bleached at all, as then it can look VERY much like classic Grey. At a glance these look right, but much like the printer calibration, any single monitor can be calibrated differently as well, so what I see might be the same as what you see. 


Wish Lego could've made the difference just a little more different. Dark Grey & Dark Bley, no problem. Brown and Reddish brown, no problem. Tiny Grey and Bley though.... bane of my sorting existence. 

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