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Daily LEGO Deals - Australia


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10 hours ago, S-man said:

Hey guys, I've just moved to Perth from the USA. Not sure what deals to expect, but sad I missed out on the Ghostbusters fire house a few months back. I was in bigw today and they had some of their unikitty sets and minifigures on "clearance", seemed about 20% or 25% off.

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Gday mate . Welcome to Perth. 

Big w has good LEGO prices and they often do 20% off toys , so keep an eye out for these sales. Myer currently has a sale too.

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7 hours ago, S-man said:

Cheers. I'll keep my checking back here to see what deals pop up. Was only just getting started when we hopped the pond.

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And while your not deal hunting , take a trip to Esperance. Some of the best beaches you will ever see. 

Just mind the white pointers. ?

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The weekend was a time to drop the little ones off at their grandparents and visit the Target Country on the way out of town - checking out their 20% off clearance prices.

41153 Ariel Royal Celebration $25 took all 3

70588 Ninjago Tumbler $29 pass (been on the shelves since Xmas at that price)

Various Super Hero Girls and Nexo Knights - Hard Pass this visit

75201 Half an AT-ST $31 - at least 10 on the shelves will see if they are still there next visit

75176 Resistance Transport Pod $25 - 8 on the shelf again see if they are there next visit

75136 Droid Escape Pod $15.20 (same price as a battle pack) took the 2 they had on shelf 

75118 Captain Phasma $28 (hahaha that will still be there for a while)

75193 & 75194 microfighters $8 each - needed a restock for next toy market

75196 A Wing v Tie Silencer Microfighter $12 x 4 - see how these go at the next toy market 

75881 Ford v Ford @23 took the last 4 - no trouble flogging these off at $50 a pop at the last Toy market.

A couple of Porg's, BB-8's, Hogwarts Great Hall and Hogwarts Express on the shelves maybe next visit.

Love visiting the in-laws

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33 minutes ago, Furious_george said:

Not bad prices , but mainly click and collect on the sets I looked at with no local stock. 

yeah was looking at few things - then found the closest store with stock was 800km away.

Looks like its all gone now anyway

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