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Faded Castle and older Gray Pieces



What do you guys do with these? Are they even worth anything or can they be cleaned?  Right now when I go through bulk stuff, I try to pull these out so that they are not included in anything as to my eyes these are no better than megablok as the color is distorted.  I have about 30-40 castle wall pieces that are clearly distorted or some ugly grayish color.

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In my experience Grey pieces revert to the original colour after being soaked in Hydron Peroxide (I use 6-10% concentrarion) for at least 2 hours. Sunlight or UV light are necessary to catalize the reaction.

You can keep white bricks soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide for hours without problems but grey (and blue bricks), if soaked for more than 2-3 hours tend to irreversibly change into a grey-whitish colour. In this unfortunate case they can be thrown away...





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