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St. Louis Metro Craigslist Find


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1 minute ago, amrandazz said:

I'm just a collector fwiw. Looking back through his pictures, I really don't see a single "big set". 

I'm just messing.  And I own too much of this already to look at it as a collector.  This guy started collecting about 6-12 months before I did based on his sets :)

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I did some SUPER quick eyeball math and said, $1700 ish on how much you COULD buy those in used complete condition. Not including shipping costs which would add up over time.

Now if you had to sell those and only got 1700, not sure 1000 is worth it for the quick flip.

If it's for your collection and you want say, 75% of that, i'd say worth it to sell off what you don't want and keep the rest.


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