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Any thoughts on 2017 Canadian price increases?


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Has anyone heard anything about a potential price increase for sets in Canada next year? The Canadian dollar is extremely week, yet for many of the larger sets is actually cheaper in Canada versus anywhere else in the world when converting pricing to USD.

For example, the Porsche retails for $300USD in the US or $350CAD in Canada. Yet when you convert $300USD into $CAD the price converts to $400CAD (right now Canada is the cheapest place in the world to buy this set when comparing USD).

Does anyone expect any price adjustments in the near future or is this just a story of economics where a Porsche set probably wouldn't sell to well at $400CAD...?

(Note: The Holiday train is $100USD in the US and $130CAD in Canada, so it does appear that prices are slipping higher)

Apologies if this topic has been beat to death already.


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