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So as all the forum rules say, let's introduce myself first:

I am french and live in France (don't know if there is much frenchies around), I went back into lego start of 2015, essantially collecting Star Wars theme.

I kept a few boxes sealed planning to build them later, then I saw the value of those boxes rising and decided to sell a few, made a bit of profit with the cantina set in particular, that's where the idea to auto-finance my collection started. I am now still collecting a bit but use lego essantially as a saving account with a rate way better than the average 0.75% in the bank here.

I buy things I like only and it always worked for me, I know some of you will say lego investing is coming to an end, that TabbyBoy has retired 100 times already... The day I think this won't be worth it anymore I'll stop but for now it's ok. I dont buy 99 times a set, I don't do much quickflip and I think everyone got his own "strategy" in the game, sticking to one theme or not...

So after reading you for a bit I decided to share on this forum, you've all got great experiences and it's always good to take advices.


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Bienvenue!  If you haven't read @Phil B yet, I recommend reading the following as you start navigating this madhouse and diving down the rabbit hole:

Fundamentally, I believe the most important rule is that you enjoy LEGO in its most basic form: building and playing.  The selling is always a bonus.

Bonne chance!

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