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Hello from Sunny FL 53 year old male

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I am probably one of the oldest guys on this site,I never knew this place existed until a few days ago however I am not new to selling Lego's its something I have been doing on Ebay for over 20 years though not often but sell lots of other items too with almost 6000 feedback.

My story began 21 years ago when we bought a load of lego for $50 at a yard sale,for my son who was way too young for Lego at the time and you have to start some where.These where old Lego sets some with boxes etc mostly space related and as a matter of interest just looked to see what they would sell for on Ebay.Well over a period of months I made over $1000 on those Lego's and went out and bought my son a new bedroom set and some Lego's for future.From that point forwards I knew Lego's make money.

Over the years I would find others to sell one of the local Goodwill's I used to visit in the 1990's used to get toy returns and lots of Lego's we bought some nice train sets that way we would build then find complete play with them then sell them on Ebay for considerably more than we bought them for.I was getting them for $25 a set.

Some years ago I was visiting family in England and visited a toy outlet I found they had technic lego space shuttle for under $100 I bought 20 of them shipped them back to the USA and doubled my money on them and I still have one.

As my son got older he would buy Lego Star Wars and we always made sure we kept the boxes we have a bunch in the attic still at some point he will sell them off and make some money.It'snot something I do regularly but I have started buying retired sets the larger ones and just hanging onto them.I have been selling on Ebay for over 20 years and I sell generally books from the 1500 to 1600's mostly old Bibles and I mean old.Roman coins, maps anything I think I can turn a profit on.Though my main source of income is selling real estate which I am very good at.

I always love the thrill of the hunt I just sold a German Bible from 1560 I paid around 4000 for it and just sold it having had it for less than a month for 5500 so not a bad profit even after Ebay fees I do things like that quite often.

Interesting site.




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