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Hello fellow bp'ers.    Thought I could stop in and say Hi after joining back in May, very close from the time I emerged from the 'dark ages' of over 15 years, wowsa!    Not looking to make any profits here, just limit my spending?

For those that care to read, and for many it may sound familiar(and if you dont care at all, now is the time to scroll to the end) it all started again when my parents gave back my old legos from the 1990's (Small to mid-size sets & my own 'mocs' from childhood), that soon lead to a $200 bin off craigslist after being shocked at current RRP's. This first bulk lot kept me busy through the winter and also taught me a thing or two about buying bulk and the concerns/inventorying that comes along with (sorting!).  This lot had been a lucky one with all instructions included from a non-smoker, unmolested minifigs and very minimal other toy brands included. A couple honorable mentions were: 

The Mine 4204

Wolverines SDC 6866 (DeadPool is still one of my favorite Characters/Minifig!)

full '08 Coast Guard Line up, (oddly enough, this is what i had wanted the purchase for)

City Corner 7641

Beach house 4996

Fire Station and Trucks 7945, 7213, 7238, 

Police Station and Trucks 3658, 4441, 7728, 7744, 5982


I soon learned of Bricklink and Brickset to help me identify a lots and learned about the vast new sets/pieces introduced since I was a kid. Also, the idea of ordering individual parts is amazing!!  Ive already utilized this and see it happening frequently as long as sites like Bricklink exist.  Also bought  individual sets here and there from craigslist (60057 Camper Van & 5770 Lighthouse Island) before i started in on RRP sets.  GASP!!! THE HORROR!!! HOW COULD I?!? Luckily only a few at full rrp as I am an amazon prime member (also LEGO VIP now for 2xvip and exclusives) I started seeing everything take deep discounts towards EOL which brought me here.  

Currently, I mostly build Modulars/Star Wars/Creator/Superheroes/Elves for my ever growing city and would like the idea of MOC'ing a Modular someday.  Oh and if anyone ever sees a deal on the GBHQ, let me know!  Its high on my list to build, but thinking not at that price!

Im sure my crash course on Re-entering the Lego game sounds very similar to alot and riddled with punctuation and grammar mistakes, so for that, thanks for reading!:^) 

I've enjoyed many of your stories and lately I have been able to score some schweeeeeet deals for personal builds and gifts using your help, thus had to pay homage.  Look forward to many more deals,

 Cheers folks,


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Thanks folks, nice community here. Good to see all the brothas from otha mothas.  ?

I will probably be lurking more than commenting, possibly come out to play from time to time & add a bit of my own deals or just add to the entertainment value? .

With winter basically in full swing here in the NorthEast, there is plenty of time for building.

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