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My First Year as a Lego Reseller and What I've learned from BrickPicker

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This month (November 2016) marks my first complete year as a LEGO reseller and active BrickPicker, as well as the second anniversary of coming out of my Dark Ages. Okay, I was reading catalogs and buy

As someone who started in the game last year like you, I agree with a lot of what you said, particularly about the game changing continuously, not being a sheep , loyalty programs and the most importa

As a kid, my father and I had a N scale train setup (Atlas brand if I remember correctly). The scene was never fully completed but a fun project while it lasted. I kept at least one tiny locomotive ("

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Absolutely great article Phil.  I agree with alot of what you said, especially on "time is valuable" in the start I got so caught up in driving around different stores and trying to find the Latest Deal.  

Also agree with having patience, which is easier said than done. It's always so easy to see a set at 40-50% and get greedy always thinking about how to make the next buck.

I also realised the more time I spent looking for deals / trying to find the "hidden gems" the more I stopped loving the reason I started in the first place, enjoying building lego and as a hobby. Not everything is about money at the end of the day. Have some fun and try not to get into too much debt or too heavily invested, only invest money you are happy to lose.

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Great read. I've been doing this for approx the same amount of time and echo many of the things you've shared. In the first month or so I bought a fair few small sets just because they had a decent markdown but quickly learned that you'll struggle to move them on and make any kind of decent profit. Still hanging around in storage until I can bundle them with something else to make it worthwhile getting rid of them. It goes without saying that this stopped a long time ago :)

By the way, here's a little helpful share from myself for those who chose to read this helpful thread and didn't just skip it (from the UK). If you're after the Maze set, Toys R Us are currently selling it in store for £60 but it's not listed on the website. The £15 voucher kicks in in 2 days. Every little helps ;)

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It's a little surprising to me that you've only been doing this a year. I started lurking on BP and other sites looking for deals for my personal collection starting in 2015 with Black Friday. So for me, you've always been here. :P  Great blog post and thanks for posting so much in your one year of BP.


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Great information.  Thanks for sharing your experience.

I started collecting in/around 2010, as part of growing into my AFOL skin.  I got hooked on not just the trains, but also the modular buildings that began to emerge.  I am a fan of architecture and seeing Lego creations that were more detailed and complex really drew me into the hobby.  For a while I grabbed anything I thought was interesting:  Star Wars, Harry Potter, Town, Trains, Creator - I marveled at how "realistic" Lego builds had evolved from when I was a kid and my tub of bricks.

I loved to hunt for particular sets that intrigued me, and get them at a good price.  I also was in a mode to accumulate parts for my own builds.  Stacking sales and gift cards made the hunt fun, and helped me build up my part supply (along with many orders on Bricklink).

I still build, but I am beginning to look into the process of selling off those unopened sets I have accumulated.  My journey on the selling side is just starting, but your article gives me some of the early tips/advice that I need as I figure out how to begin.

Best of luck to you in year 2 and beyond!



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1 minute ago, redghostx said:

Very nice article and I'm impressed that you made 3,400 posts in one year.  Someone has a very very accommodating significant other (point 14).

Ehhhmmmmm .... maybe I should have been working harder :)

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Hi Phil. You've convinced me to ante up and finally create a detailed spreadsheet for my inventory. I have most of my sets inventoried in brickpicker but I've found the site to be rather lacking in functionality and the pricing algorithm is not what is should be. Thanks for the great read.

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