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Hi All

Just joined the site after finding my lego love affair after 27 years of being away.

For many years I kept thinking about buying for fun and maybe a small bit of set storing for later selling and then accidentaly purchased the UCS Tie-figher after falling though the lego store doors coincidentally with my visa card in hand (strange but the same happened again with slave 1 and sandcrawler, just very accident prone), built them and the bug has started. Purchased a couple of the new larger sets and a few medium size sets so far. I'm staying well within my means so I doubt I will become a serious buyer/seller but as long as I'm somewhere in the region of what I have spend in the long term and have a bit of enjoyment building and displaying a few sets thats aim achieved for me (fingers crossed it stays that way).

Hopefully starting to buy the odd one or two cheaper retired UCS sets and trying to avoid the obvious pitfalls of making sure I dont buy fakes or dodgy/full of rubbish sealed boxes so if anyone has any advice on avoiding the more sophisticated cons that would be appreciated :)

Probably lurk/research more that I will post but great to find a site such as this.


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