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Pirates of the Caribbean- Sell or Keep?


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 Hey folks, 

So I'm an amateur LEGO secondhand salesman; I just sell my sets from when I was younger. I have ALL the currently released Pirates of the Caribbean sets and was wondering if now's a good time to sell. As many of you probably know the 5th POTC film is being released sometime in 2017, which probably means NEW LEGO! DO you think this will increase or devalue the current sets. Apart from the Black Pearl and the Queen Anne's Revenge, the sets are priced relatively low on the market right now so there is not much to lose. But the both ships have a value of around $250 so and increase or decrease could cost me. Should I sell now or wait for the new LEGO to come out? I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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Prepare your ships! Beat to quarters!!

Yeah the ship question is very tricky, like a good flint lock duel.
All the other sets should be unique, but then none of them really stand out.

Personally, I can't wait for more Lego pirates!!

But then that's obvious, right?!

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