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Hello from Bellflower CA

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Hi everyone ,  My name is Alexander and I've been coming here for a while but since I'm a bit internet shy I've never really posted anything till now. I was never a big fan of lego growing up and I only remember owning a couple of space themed sets but my main interest as a kid was action figures mainly GIJOE, transformers  and star wars . I have never stopped collecting and because of my Hobby  I  got into buying and  selling on eBay . I've been selling on eBay for at least 14 years maybe more and  I  sell just about anything i can get my hands on that i can resell with a good profit . I also sell on amazon mostly FBA when i find the right products . Most of the stuff I get comes from Swapmeets  and about 6 years ago I  started buying bulk used legos because a friend mentioned they have great resell value l. I would just clean them up and sell them as bulk lots for the most part. One day i purchased a large lot that had a bunch of sealed bags and a lot of same color bricks. I  never really paid  much attention to what i was buying that time , all I knew was it was lego. So I purchased the lot for 150 bucks and stored it until i had time to check it out. A couple of months passed by and I finally had time to go through it so at first i thought it was a large lot of random mixed parts but as started going through one of the boxes I started to realize that all the parts could be from one set because there were a lot of the same colors. It didn't take me a long time to figure out  it was  the Taj Majal and I couldn't wait to see if it was complete. The set was only missing a few parts and I really enjoyed the build and sold it for a good profit. Ever since then i was hooked on lego,  what i enjoy the most though is not collecting but rather building and sorting, I find it very rewarding and relaxing to build sets even when they are not complete.. My 9 year old also loves lego and helps me organize in exchange  for mini figures. I have bought new lego sets on clearance at stores and have done ok with them but I'm more into the used sets or bulk collections. I have a lot invested in lego and plan to sell online but i work some crazy schedules and don't have as much time as I would like. I'm  hoping joining  this online community can help me get more involved.

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I opened the account back then to see what good info I could find in the  member only forums but never really logged on that much. I recently purchased  a large lot of damaged boxed/store return  lego sets and  figured it would be a good idea to be more involved in a lego community.

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