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eBay Canada Fall 2016 Update


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Just had a proper read through. Everything looks, like you say, pretty benign. One thing I did note, which should be a great improvement for everybody, is that they're re-structuring the categorization for LEGO products. 


  - LEGO 18998 Combined into [LEGO-183447]
        Bionicle 56309 Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
        Duplo & Primo 19004 Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
        Mindstorm Robotics 19005 Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
      - Minifigures, Bulk Bricks/Lots 18999 Combined into [LEGO-183447]
          Bricks 19000 Combined into [Bricks & Building Pieces-183448]
          Parts & Pieces 19002 Combined into [Bricks & Building Pieces-183448]
          Other LEGO Minifigs & Lots 19003 Combined into [Mixed Lots-183451]
        Technic 156604 Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
        Other LEGO 1186 Combined into [Mixed Lots-183451]
  - Building Toys 183446 New Category
      Blocks 18992 Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
      Geomag 73248 Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
      K'NEX 21254 Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
    - LEGO 183447 New Category
        LEGO Complete Sets & Packs 19006 Moved from [LEGO-18998] Renamed from [Sets]
        Bricks & Building Pieces 183448 New Category
        Instruction Manuals 183449 New Category
        LEGO Branded Storage 183450 New Category
        Minifigures 19001 Moved from [Minifigures, Bulk Bricks/Lots-18999]
        Minifigure Parts & Accessories 180023 Moved from [Minifigures, Bulk Bricks/Lots-18999]
        Mixed Lots 183451 New Category
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