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You can only shop online for a year, what's the best strategy?

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In about 60 days, the Army is deploying me overseas to run an Emergency Room for almost 10 months. I have mentioned it casually in a couple posts, but now I'm really trying to put together my LEGO purchasing game plan.

Here is my question:

If you couldn't shop or purchase any LEGO sets in-person for the next year, and only purchase LEGO sets via online vendors, what approach would you take?

For reference, I will have regular access to reliable internet service, and my wife can place any deliveries sent to the house in storage. I reguarly purchase online now via LEGO Shop at Home/eBay/BL/Amazon and AWD/Target.

Thanks for any ideas or input!

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2 minutes ago, dcdfan said:

I would make a list of my top 10 most desired sets, if they were to disappear tomorrow, I would regret the most and place orders while I was away.

Would you stick mostly to LEGO Shop at Home and maximize double VIP points and promos or go tax-free Amazon Prime? Another marketplace all together?

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