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Selling on ebay.com but live in Canada


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I am sure this question has been asked before in here i just can't seem to find it. I used to sell on ebay frequently I would sell on ebay.ca and use usd as listing currency. I see you can no longer do that. So how do Canadian sellers take advantage of the much larger american consumer base. Do I post my item on the ebay.com? If i do that I can get the correct shipping info and need to do flat right shipping. Or do I use ebay.ca and post in cad? If i do that will my listing in ebay.ca still be view able on the ebay.com website. From your experience does posting on ebay.ca using cad currency scare away american consumers.


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By simply including a shipping option for the countries you're intending to ship to. It will automatically show up on their .com or .uk or .fr etc sites. 


Edit: No, it doesn't, but shipping costs might. Depends on the set. I've sold to tons of US addresses. I'd say it's close to a 50/50 split of Canadian and US buyers. With the very occasional buyer from further afield who I haven't listed for, but they've inquired. I should really adapt and start listing some global shipping options. 

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