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Bionicle Generation 2 Ending

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From LEGO.com:



Fans, today we have to share the news with you that we have made the tough decision to discontinue LEGO® BIONICLE® at the end of 2016. NETFLIX has just started streaming the final two episodes of “The Journey to One” the ending of which, will put an end to any speculation about the future of LEGO® BIONICLE®.

With the 2015 relaunch of LEGO® BIONICLE®, we set out to revive a childhood favorite of fans worldwide, and bring it to a new group of children who were too young to have known and played with LEGO® BIONICLE® Generation 1. From your wonderful feedback over the last year, we feel very proud to have performed that task. Currently, the last wave of LEGO® BIONICLE® products is launching in Europe and North America. These products will, however, not reach the shelves in Asia and the Pacific markets.

Next up is the #BIONICLEbuildmakuta Rebrick Contest, starting August 1st, that will give you a chance to compete for some unique prizes. All you have to do is to give us your best shot at the Evil Overlord himself. Through the rest of the year, we will keep sharing artwork and other things that may be of interest to you on LEGO.com/bionicle and facebook.com/LEGOBionicle

On behalf of the LEGO® BIONICLE® team we would like to say that it has been absolutely thrilling to work on a theme that evokes so much interest, dedication and emotion. We would like to thank you for taking in LEGO® BIONICLE® Generation 2 and sharing all your builds, stories, artwork, joy, criticism and praise. By doing so you have not only expanded the universe but also made the amazing BIONICLE® Community even stronger and more amazing. We are confident that you will ensure that BIONICLE® lives on.



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My poor son - first he loved Chima (RIP though I still have a few clearance sets stashed away for him), then Bionicle. You guys better watch out - he's starting to get into Star Wars sets now, wondering how long it'll take before that line dies ;-)


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14 minutes ago, feed said:

Well, I know next to zero on Bionicles. Any hints on what to look for in clearance? 

I'd argue the only really desired figures are going to be from this summer's limited wave - in the US only available at LEGO Shop at Home and TRU. From what I have seen there isn't a ton of availability and given that TRU sells these there won't beach clearance. Look for Umarak the Destroyer, Melum the Mask Maker and the three Beasts (quake, storm and lava).


Older series Bionicles are clearanced everywhere, but I don't think they'll be very desirable... I could be wrong though.

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1 hour ago, feed said:

Well, I know next to zero on Bionicles. Any hints on what to look for in clearance? 

I will say that Walmart seems to be clearances Bionicles right now.  So if you're looking to pick some up, now might be the time.  But that's probably the only thing more I know about Bionicle than you.

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