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Guest brickcrazyhouse

to continue with the orkkings mech finds, but with a pokemon twist


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this I'd like to build myself. but I couldn't name all the pieces even if I wanted to. I guess there is a lot of bionicle stuff included?

Bionicle, Hero Factory, and maybe even a couple parts from the large scale figures for Knights Kingdom from some years ago. There are plenty on the outer shell I can tell who or what it is from but as for the 'innards' I would not have a clue where to start.

to continue with the orkkings mech finds, but with a pokemon twist

I further explored that artist's gallery and really dug this mecha.

Nidoking by Stormbringer

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After my previous Indiana Jones MOC collection post I'd like to share with you something else that had to be done in a LEGO MOC version sooner or later!


This is one of my all time favorite animes and if you're still looking for something to watch: This might be it!


Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most iconic animes and very well deserved it's own LEGO MOCs :-)


Let's start with the smallest one and work our way up to my favorite!

1. This is a well made "bionicle" version of EVA Unit 2. Though I like the overall design of it I prefer more minifig friendly versions.



2. These are great! I mean they even have their hangar! ^.^ If I am correct these are Units 00, Unit 01 and Unit 02 (from right to left).

Although all of them are solid builds they just are too "blocky".




3. The unquestionable winner!!! This is one of THE best NGE MOCs I could find. And I'd say one of the best MOCs in general. Not only is the design pretty accurate but even the size is minifig friendly ;-) This thing is huge and it's weight in Gramm is 9400g !!! (For all the poor people who where born in countries that don't use the metric system: 20.7 pounds).


The height by the way is 120cm!!! (4 foot tall ;-) )


Seeing how it is poseable with it's enorm size and weight I'm even more impressed. This thing has got everything going for it from size to poseability to accuracy... just WOW!

If you agree with me that this MOC deserves a big LIKE please press the like button ;-)




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