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Throwback Thursday Special: Walmart's LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Fighter Sale

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Hey Lego fans, boy does Brickpicker have great news to share today!

Walmart.com is throwing a "Throwback Thursday" sale like it's 2013.  Walmart's online website is currently selling the $199.99 Lego 75095-1 Star Wars UCS Tie Fighter set for only $139.99 with free shipping!  That is a 30% discount.  We haven't seen a sale like this for an Exclusive set in "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away".

Click the link below to save money on a fine Lego set.


Regarding the Investment potential,  the Tie-Fighter is an iconic Star Wars ship.  The ship's status alone will help it's Lego version perform better than even less popular UCS Set such as the 10127 B-Wing.  10127 is now selling for $300 on eBay.  This is not a bad price for a set which was heavily discounted in 2013 (many sets sold for $99.99 and $160 at retail). 


For more Brickpicker information about this set and more Lego deals, please view the Forum topics below.



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Thanks so much,  This is a no brainer for me.  I am ordering two at a time hoping they will ship it in the original two lego shipping box and not the oversize box that they and Target seem to use lately.

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22 hours ago, jaisonline said:

Please also inform amazon about walmart's price for more goodness.  Maybe amazon will price match. I posted the instructions below for faster copying and pasting.


I don't think Amazon is quite ready yet to give the big middle finger to TLG and start discounting exclusives. Checkout their listing for Santas Workshop they cannot even win the buy box lol.

I really think Walmart just has this set miscategorized in their system allowing for these larger discounts. Too bad it was not Slave I. 



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