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Would/Should you buy/sell


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Perhaps this would be a useful topic.  I searched all topics under the Canada forums and nothing really stood out as a good place to discuss "Would you/Should you Buy or Sell?"  Let's keep the conversation simple and avoid those specifics particular to each of our individual situations, such as needing cash now, needing to move stock etc.  I'd like to focus discussions on each particular offer, considering factors such as set value and prediction on the future of the set(s).

Let me start it off.  On a local buy/sell site I posted 2 separate ads, one for 75054 (At-At) at $225 and the other for 10225 (R2-D2) for $450.  I was offered $600 for both.

Would you?  Why/why not?

If interested in this topic, please feel free to provide input on how to make it better or more relevant, I'm a bit of a forum noob.




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Yes, because people will always as for a bargain. Posting at $225, you bet people will offer $200, or at best $220. ATMs don't give out fives.

Again, askin. $450 best case is $440. Most people will ask for something off, usually a $20. So again, you are looking at $420, but most will just offer $400.

So yeah, add in convince o moving both at the same time, fair offer.

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When selling on Craig's List like sites, one knows in general the selling price is below ebay or amazon selling price. Mostly due to the factor of fees and shipping costs.

So I guess 600 is not a bad offer. You could always counter offer 620. If he/she accepts you made a good sale. But 600 is also very acceptable. I guess that would be doubling/tripling your investment. Right? 

Just my 0.02

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