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Thrift Store Find

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Had a great thrift store find but I am kicking myself.

Stopped by a Goodwill yesterday, they had 5 bags of Lego's for $10 each. Could tell there were mega blocks mixed in, couldn't see any minifigures, nothing stood out other than a basketball set. I was certain that the parts of sets were mixed through all five bags. I picked the two biggest bags, that seemed to have the most actual Lego bricks, made the purchase and drove 90 minutes home. I figured I would sort them out and toss them in the Lego bin.

While sorting I punched in some numbers to see what sets the odd pieces belonged to, here is what I found:

7163 Republic Gunship (I have very few white pieces, so I am pretty sure I left the rest of this set behind)

3432 NBA Challenge (I have most of the floor, one hoop and half the players, again I left something behind)

7153 Jango Fetts Slave (Have both the minifigures and some key pieces, hoping for the best here)

7194 YODA  (His entire base was one bag, I thought it was just a bunch bricks stacked together. There is a lot of the green tiles, and I have the eyes. I am really excited on this one)

I should have bought all five bags. Picture attached doesn't reflect the yoda pieces well ( I disassembled the base), Pieces on the left were the MegaBloks. If anyone has guesses on the where the Star Wars figures came from I would appreciate the advice. All in all just under 6 pounds actual Lego for $20.

Going to try to build the Jango & Yoda, will update later.





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