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Huge find of old lego



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If you are looking to sell it all, then the monetary value is correlated to how much work you want to put in to sorting and photographing everything.

If you want to find the value of individual LEGO pieces, bricklink is the best place to look, as their catalog covers most of LEGO's history.

if the sets/pieces really are 60 years old, you might consider having a look at Gary Istok's guide.  A preview is available here: http://thebrickblogger.com/2012/08/unofficial-lego-collectors-guide-now-available/

Hope this helps.

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I have tried to photograph as many pieces/boxes as possible. One boxed set I think number 700/1 I have two sets so I haven't bothered to photo both of them, the same picture on the box lid but on one the number is in blue but on the other its yellow.

I have about 30 other pictures but as the max is only a few meg how can I upload all the others?


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Wow.  Nice find!  That set is definitely 60 years old.

On bricklink, these are classified as "Classic" sets.  Unfortunately, sets from that era often used the same 'set' numbers.  When I searched, the link below had a number of them (http://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?pg=6&catString=423&catType=S), although I didn't see yours right off.

Next, the box condition isn't that great, which is expected for well-loved toy. :-)  Collectors might be more interested in the parts inside, rather than the box.  It may be hard to reconstruct the original set contents, though, for a number of reasons: the sets varied from year to year and country of origin, there weren't any instructions like we think of today, and many older sets like this lack an inventory on bricklink.

If you have vehicles from that era, those could be quite valuable.

As for posting, you can resize the image using photo editing software (I use the "insanely fast" 'epeg' for large image sets that I post to the web, .https://github.com/mattes/epeg).  Or, you can post to flickr, and then include a link here. Others may have better suggestions, as I haven't ever posted pics here.

As I said before, if you are planning to sell, the monetary value of your lot will depend on how much work you want to put into it.  From least to most work you could...

  • take a few pictures, and sell it all as an unsorted bulk lot.
  • and/or, browse bricklink and find photos that match your boxes or individual pieces, that will help give collectors a sense of what's in the lot.
  • and/or pick through the lot and recombine some of the more sought after sets, and sell those individually.

There is a lot of LEGO nostalgia that makes these older sets desirable.  These were prior to the "LEGO System" bricks, though, and so its a bit more chaotic---most sets were just parts packs or gifts sets.  This is where Istok's guide can be really handy.

As for where to sell, the Mac's here provide https://www.brickclassifieds.com and there is bricklink.  There are also many fan-sites that have trading/selling forum's, too, such as brickset and eurobricks.  Each community is a little different, with their own preferences for what they find collectable.  With this lot, it might be easier to find a collector that is looking to complete other sets (and doesn't care for box condiition) at brickset or eurobricks.  But, again, it all depends on how much work you want to put into the research.

Good luck, and hope you have fun sorting through the bricks.

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