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Can someone please help



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Every official LEGO brick (megablocks wont have em :P) should have a part number molded into the underside in very small print. You may need a magnifying glass to read them, sometimes you need to turn the brick in the light just right to catch the numbers. Once you have a number from a unique looking part (like those sand green plates), head on over to Bricklink.com and search for the part number. It should find the part, then you can choose the correct colour, and view the stats on how many sets that part came from. Click the number to see which sets....If you're still unsure, you can click on any of the sets, "View Inventory" and cross check some of the other parts in your pile for matches. By process of elimination it should narrow it down a whole lot for you! 

Edit: Then once you've confirmed, you can cross check the whole inventory list against your pile to come up with which bricks are missing to complete the set. At a glance of that photo, I'm guessing a lot.....


Uncharted was a great purchase though! 

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