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Asda Click and Collect


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2 minutes ago, milkshake said:

How is Click-and-collect vs home delivery these days in terms of risk of damage?

I'd like to get a few things -- ordering from US -- and need to decide if I should have them delivered to my aunts or ask her to pick them up.


Never done home delivery (and only client and collect twice) but they have been very well packed items.  I think where you can its better to click and collect as the damage tends to be done when stuff gets delivered.

1 minute ago, BarryZola said:

Can't help you with regards to delivery, but Click and Collect items have always been packed really safely in sturdy boxes for me. Absolutely no issues with Click and Collect on many occasions.

Seconded actually.  Double walled boxes - assume it'd be the same for home delivery but I've always found it more convenient to be able to pick up.

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I've never bought any bigger sets this year but last year i bought a few of The Technic Cranes when the were £100 each. They guy brought them out with fragile tape wrapped around both ends and a shipping note stuck on the front. At first i was going to return them but i asked the guy to call CS up and explain everything,. In the end i got one free out of the seven i bought.

Maybe they have bigger boxes now, no idea ?

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Guest TabbyBoy

I'm more than satisfied with Asda's C&C packaging these days and the large boxes are perfect for reuse again when shipping medium/large sets. I even took a photo and emailed it to Argos saying this is how it should be done!

C&C is always better than delivery as you can simply reject on the spot if you're not happy.

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