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Identify these Bionicles


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I need help identifying these Bionicles... I know nothing about the theme.  We got them from a kid across the street a while back. Did not get instructions. I'm planning on selling them as a bulk lot on eBay, unless you think they would be much more valuable as separates...?  I'd like to be able to correctly identify the four sets... (maybe pieces from a fifth?). We have a "can" for Vezok and Zaktan... I think the red one may be called "Toa Jaller"? ... have no idea what the other blue one is. Anything super valuable here? Am I tossing out the "Grand Carousel" of Bionicles? On those that are so equipped, the eyes still do light up (weakly). The gold sword lights up well.  Any input, or advice on creating my eBay listing is appreciated. Other photos available if needed.   Thanks in advance.



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OK... found my own answers. These 4 sets are 8727, 8728, 8902 and 8903, plus a few extra pieces from an unknown set.  Nope... nothing especially valuable here.  If complete (used), each one currently goes for about $13 or $14 (shipped) on eBay.  We've completed the 8728... but there are missing (or broken) pieces for the rest.  Maybe I'll be lucky if I can get $25 for the lot?

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