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60021 - Cargo Heliplane


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Haven't seen a thread on this set yet and I wanted to share some thoughts about it.  This was the first set I bought for investment purposes and I think it has great potential.

First off this set is horribly mislabeled.  I don't know what exactly a heliplane is but most of these aircraft are actually called tiltrotors or VTOL (Verticle take off and landing) aircraft. 

I think this set has a lot of potential due to it's uniqueness.  Its one of two tiltrotor sets that lego has made (the other being twinblade adventures 3:1) and is by far the nicest one.  If someone wants a tiltrotor lego for their collection then this is their only choice. Both sets are also retired.

I also think the public familiarity with this aircraft is going to increase especially in the US.  If you don't know the set is actually modeled after an V-22 Osprey which is a military aircraft flown by the US Marines and Air Force.  The Marines are just finishing up standing up all their squadrons (15 total I believe) and it is by far their most numerous aircraft.  In addition the navy will be purchasing some of these along with the Japanese military.  As the public's familiarity with this aircraft increases so will the demand for this set.  Also the number of people in the military affiliated with this aircraft alone will provide a nice future market. 

My only concern here is that Lego will eventually make a similar model like they do with so many of their other city vehicles. 


Would like to hear other's thoughts on this set, I was surprised that there was no other discussion about it considering almost every other set has a thread dedicated to it. 

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