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Old sets made apperance at local shop


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I've purchased a 10215, will take the other one in couple of days... spotted that crane.. 42006 x wing arc fighter. etc... sure it some treasure.. will have to check this deeply


this is a independant little toys store here, I always found nice things there but all msrp, sure the store is a slow seller,   they have two store called 'maitre du jeux'' one is 50km from here and I think he dropped kits from there to here.

4 minutes ago, exciter1 said:

Dude!  Get out of my store!

your store? you mean thats only the tip of the iceberg yeah 

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1 minute ago, Armor said:

Wow um. There are so many gems here. How many 9493 are there, get all of them. Also the gunships and at-te as well.

mostly 1 of each. Gunship  at 170$ worth it?(with thx) in CDN


I will go there soon, and give him a deposit and get them the 14.


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Just now, TargetZero said:

I am at 7min from the store, might the fastest win. But won't go at the other store.

since i cannot buy all of this....   my pleasure to share this with you guys. Alot are doing the same here and manage to find awsome deals because of this. Thanks to all. 


Maitre du jeux: Granby and Sherbrooke, If some price are higher than MSRP. tell him and he will ajust. 

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5 hours ago, Sandwraith said:

Awww man, awesome! Most of my local small time mom and pop places with old sets know to jack up the prices. Pretty sure they check BPer for prices guides too haha.

75005 9516 10215 75020 75033 75075x2 only thing I manage to get.. no more x wing etc...

1 hour ago, Stragus said:

You have Helm's Deep in there, as well as a bunch of other lovely LOTR sets! Hurry up, it's not too far from Montreal... :)

I would call

  • there are still a lot of older sets but don't have any investment profit on it.. for collector ok
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