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75040 - General Grievous Bike


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Cant find a topic dedicated to this set already (forgive me if I'm doubling up).  Just checked out the prices on ebay for this one and WOW.  

In the UK this was pretty much permanently on offer (2 for £30 was the worst). NIB it looks like around £40 (and £25 to £30 used).  This was a set I really liked (who doesn't want a Grevious mini fig) but given how available it was, constantly on offer I stayed away (thinking too much supply and no demand).  Someone loading up on this last year instead of a couple of Tumblers say.
Maybe everyone else was more clued up but this has hidden gem status for me (hats off to @Yellowtot).
Ok I get the grevious fig makes it desirable (and that fig alone is now going for almost the MRSP of the set) but the the bike and the obi wan figure... just didn't see the draw (and the original one having the Boga tricked me into thinking this was an inferior remake).  
But this is one of those "sweet spot" sets that even at £40 you're not breaking the bank.  Has some good play value and actually looks ok on display too.
Still would love any opinions on why this one appears to be doing so well - what i might have missed in my 2 minute appraisal on this one :)

Moral of the story for me is there are still gems at the lower price points.
Don't ever remember anyone being super high on this set but at the same time there weren't that many complaints either.  Given me a few ideas on other smaller sets to look at.  Generally easier to store, easier to ship, less worry about being scammed (although you do have the extra hassle of more items to sell).

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Wheel bike is no surprise to me, I flipped these at work last year, buy at £13 sell at £20, all cash.  I’d always offer 4 or 5 sets to people who needed a quick gift and without fail they’d pick wheel bike.  I’m pretty sure I said this somewhere on BP at the time.   2nd biggest buy for me last year, after Mos Eisley.  
The Phantoms success does surprise me, it’s OK, works well as part of the Ghost, but on its own is kinda meh.   I passed these at 50% as just didn’t think there was anything in it and ended up only holding 10.  I would have said it was Chopper, but you can brinklink him for a £5. As part of the Ghost/Phantom (and Ezra’s bike for Sabine) combo, sure winner,  but the Phantom alone, just don’t get it.

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Yeah I basically backed these because of the Grievous figure, and it was a good investment, oddly enough Mandalorian Speeder has done well, currently selling at around £45 on Amazon and I picked most of these up for £12.50. When it comes to Star Wars, if ain't a UCS set, it's all about the figures simple as.

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