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What set do you love to hate

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There was a lot of talk recently on the retirement speculation tread of sets people hate. Some because they just wouldn't go away, like the Pet Shop or T1 VW Camper Van, others because they were over produced like the Exo-Suit, some others like Arkham Asylum for not living up to people's expectations.

Just wondering what sets people here really dislike, whether as an investment or as a set they built.

My personal one is the very first set I bought as an investment, 4 x Superman: Black Zero Escape. They were 55% off and already retired and I thought with the minifigures it had that it would be a surefire winner, instead I'm selling it for a few quids profit, nowhere near RRP just to get rid of them. I know I could wait for a few years and see how it does, but I just want it off my shelves, so the money can go somewhere else, with a bit more potential.

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Every set that i missed because I was too busy horsing around in my youth.  Its a long long list :) .

Ignoring those I'd go with SW.  Awesome set IMO but seems like everyone else's too. And with the backlash of WV TS re-release I can see this one sticking around at least another season.  Although saying that I'd probably still buy this one again so its a love to hate, but don't learn my lesson from.

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I have 2 oldies.  

10196 GC and 10179 MF by far.

I love the build and design of each.  However, they are fragile, some elements are hard to replace (don't even want to think about it), relocating the sets are challenging (10179 weighs 22lbs) w/o elements falling or messing up the rotating mechanics (10196) and dusting stinks.

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I hate 76052 as it is inaccurate firstly the everyone knows the batcopter was stored at Gotham heliport. Secondly no shark repellent spray and thirdly the stud shooters on the batmobile still at least it has a cat,

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5 minutes ago, Miami Bomb Squad said:

I Have a 2 simple emotions:

I Hate Any set that doesn't make me Money.

I Love Any set that Makes me Money.

Similarly, I LIKE sets that make me money and DO Not Like sets that do not make me money. The feeling becomes love / hate depending on how many left in my inventory ;)

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Guest brickcrazyhouse

Attack on Hoth- less money spent

 re hashed ToyShop -I needed that one

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