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Oversized letter mail boxes


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Was just wondering if anybody here ships their oversized letter mail orders in boxes that meet the 2 cm rule. I only use bubble mailers at the moment, but my friend works at a company that makes custom boxes. So I'm getting him to look into pricing for me. Or does Canada post not really like boxes for letter mail? I couldn't find anything saying that it couldn't be.

If I could simple fit an order into a box instead of having to nicely package everything (which I find is my biggest time consumer) so that it perfectly fits in the bubble mailer and won't shift and change the thickness, it would be so much easier and faster to package letter mail orders. 

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I suspect boxes would be heavier than bubble mailers. Also, I don't think it's possible to have rigid cardboard under 1-2mm, which defeats the point of a box...

Though I agree that packing orders under 20mm is terribly time consuming!

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Here are the guidelines....

Here's some info about machinable mail...

And even a little more about machinable mail...

It doesn't specifically say no, but if you look at the last link, under Material, it says:


Must be sufficiently flexible to bend; items cannot be rigid.

Which more or less implies cardboard boxes cannot be used.

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12 minutes ago, CupIsHalfEmpty said:

^ $0.03 each? I'm clearly shopping in the wrong place, do you mind letting me know where you can get them for that price?

;-)    think supernumeraries subsidized by the Canadian taxpayers... but ya gotta be alert & have sizeable vehicular conveyance  :-)

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