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Wow! 1000x like. And you got to visit???

What surprises me the most, I guess, is that they store their boxes lying flat, box on top of box. Whereas all the stockroom pictures on this site seem to scream that doing so is bad for the boxes, and you should store them standing on their long side :)

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3 minutes ago, DadsAFOL said:

Awesome experience. Feel free to ask questions.

@Phil B yeah some of the boxes have wear, but they aren't going for pristine here, just accessible. Some of the older items they acquired from the aftermarket (probably ~15 years ago, not recently)

I read in Gary Isztok's "bible" that they indeed realized 15-20 years ago that they didn't have proper records of what they produced in the long distant past (that's why Gary's work is so important, and why he seems to get consulted even by LEGO). Actually quite funny when you think of it - as if their creations weren't that important to them. I guess that they just thought more of the bricks as being their product than the actual sets you make with them .... so likely they were more careful with those ..... or at least I can hope they were ..... :)

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Boxes look beat up.  You would think they would have more.  LOL

Actually I noticed the size as well. Amazing to think that every product for ~50 years fits in only a ~60' x -15' room. Someone asked the CEO after the press conference if 350 products (in 2015) was too many to sustain. He answered by saying that when you consider the scope of their sales, it's not. They don't quote units sold, but they did make a point of saying that "100 million children's lives touched" was a new record in 2015. I think that's a euphemism/proxy for sales units.

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