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Amazon scams


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22 minutes ago, Shewie said:


In most cases, if you report something as badly damaged, a retailer will allow you to keep the item while still sending you a replacement, or giving you a refund. They won't do that repeatedly, but that's where the multiple accounts come into play ....

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What are your thoughts on the following feedback and response I just went through? I first asked Amazon to remove as it accused me of theft but they would not, I then asked buyer to remove after explaining tracking shows it was delivered to a secure mailbox and no response. This is only my second ever negative feedback and the last time I had one my sales dried up for a month. Is this part 1 of some scam? No claim has been filed. 

Buyer - “It has now been two months since my item was shipped. No sign of it, no tracking info and nothing but the same automatic message from these guys. I don't care if you say that once it was shipped we will receive it. I have not got my package and I feel completely robbed by you guys. Shame on you amazon for continuing to allow these guys to sell on your site after many of the same complaints.”

Your Response: Not sure what is going on here but this post is completely fabricated. The item was only ordered 3 weeks ago and was sent with expedited shipping with tracking provided as are all of my shipments. Indeed, Canada Post not only confirmed delivery but that it was placed in a secure mailbox so there is no doubt it was received. And buyer never contacted me once and has not requested a refund.

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