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Identify these Pirate Ship Sail



I recently purchased this set of sails believing they might be a new set of 10040 Legends Black Seas Barracuda sails.

I needed them to complete a set.

Once received I instantly realized they are not.  I have the front sail and two lower sails for 10040 to compare them too.  The real front (triangular shaped) sail is branded Lego in the 10040 set.

I have multiple copies of 6285 also used for comparison...no match.

The sails received are the same shape as Lego sails...however the sizes are way off.  Only the front triangular sail is close.  The other are are 3/4-1" smaller.

The sails received are not branded anywhere.  I thought they might be an "Enlighten Barracuda" but all photo references show a Jolly Roger on the top sails...these are plain striped as found in 6285 and10040.  In addition they are made of a flexible plastic material not fabric/cloth. 

Any help would be appreciated.


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6 minutes ago, Roy vd M. said:

"Looks to me like they belong to set 6285."

While they appear similar here is why they are NOT a match:

In (1989) 6285 Sails as you have pictured were attached to each other.  The set I bought are not.

The sails I received are noticeably smaller in size.  They do appear to have the same shape and proportions though.

In (2002) 10040 sails are a brighter lighter material than original Barracuda sails, and the front triangular sail is branded Lego like sails in 6243 and 70413.

Non the of the sails in the set I received are branded (just like 6285).

See this thread on Eurobricks.


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That was a rather stupid comment of mine. I thought I had found the set, swiftly checked your post to see if 6285 was mentioned in it and clicked 'submit' too soon. Sorry, read too fast. 

I'm really puzzled by these sails as well. Can't find them in any other Lego set and the most probable contender Playmobil didn't use them as far as I've been able to Google. Closest are the Viking sets but while the colors match the shapes don't. Hope you'll find the answer, don't forget to let us know. 

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