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Lego Polybag Availability Update (February 2016)


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Here is the list of current and upcoming polybags in the LEGO world.  If you've found a polybag that's not on this list, or have any update to give us, please note it in the comments below.  This information is put together from a number of different sources on the Internet, including real world reports. Availability in your area may vary.  This information is US-based.  These are from within the last 12 months.

Polybags Currently Available



Set # Theme Set Name Locations
30256 Chima Ice Bear Mech Target
30312 City Demolition Driller TRU
30347 City Fire Car TRU
30314 City Go-Kart Racer Target
30315 City Space Utility Vehicle Legoland, Target
30349 City Sports Car Legoland, Target
30311 City Swamp Police Helicopter TRU
30471 Creator Helicopter Legoland
30472 Creator Parrot Lego Store
30285 Creator Tiger TRU
30397 Disney Princess Olaf's Summertime Fun Legoland, Target
30259 Elves Azari's Magic Fire TRU
30398 Friends Adventure Camp Bridge Lego.com
30112 Friends Emma's Flower Stand TRU
30203 Friends Mini Golf TRU
30205 Friends Pop Star Legoland
30202 Friends Smoothie Stand TRU
30204 Friends Wish Fountain TRU
30373 Nexo Knights Knighton Hyper Cannon Legoland
5004388 Nexo Knights Nexo Knights Intro Pack Lego.com
30372 Nexo Knights Robin's Mini Fortrex Lego.com
30291 Ninjago Anacondrai Battle Mech Legoland, TRU
5002144 Ninjago Dareth vs. Nindroid TRU
30421 Ninjago Skybound Plane Legoland
30294 Ninjago The Cowler Dragon Target
30286 Seasonal Christmas Tree Target, TRU
30272 Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter Legoland
30274 Star Wars AT-DP Legoland
5002948 Star Wars C-3P0 TRU
30276 Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Target
30246 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Target
30278 Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter Target
5002938 Star Wars Stormtrooper Sergeant TRU
30275 Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype TRU
30304 Super-Heroes Avengers Quinjet TRU
5002125 Super-Heroes Electro TRU
5003084 Super-Heroes Hulk TRU
30303 Super-Heroes Joker Bumper Car Legoland, Target, Walmart
5002946 Super-Heroes Silver Centurion Gamestop
30305 Super-Heroes Spider-Man Super Jumper Walmart
30605 Star Wars Finn (FN-2187) Gamestop (Preorder Jun 2016)
30604 Super-Heroes Cosmic Boy DVD/Blu Ray (Preorder Mar 2016)

Polybags Coming Soon


Set # Theme Set Name Locations Status Date
5002942 Bionicle Bionicle Villain Pack   Unknown 2015
30217 Duplo Duplo Forest Random Bag   Unknown 2015
30218 Duplo Duplo Snail   Unknown 2015
5002931 Friends Disco Dance Floor   Unknown 2015
5002928 Friends Party Polybag   Unknown 2015
30292 Ninjago Jay Nano Mech   Unknown 2015
5002920 Ninjago Ninjago Accessory Pack   Unknown 2015
5002922 Ninjago Ninjago Role Play   Unknown 2015
5002919 Ninjago Scenery and Dagger Trap   Unknown 2015
5002939 Star Wars Phantom   Unknown 2015
5004409 Bionicle Accessory pack   Unknown 2016
5004404 City Police Chase   Unknown 2016
30474 Creator Reindeer   Unknown 2016
30371 Nexo Knights Knight's Cycle   Unknown 2016
30374 Nexo Knights Lava Slinger   Unknown 2016
30422 Ninjago ?   Unknown 2016
5004391 Ninjago Sky Pirates Battle   Unknown 2016
5004406 Star Wars First Order General   Unknown 2016
30277 Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer   Unknown 2016
30279 Star Wars Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle   Unknown 2016
30448 Super-Heroes Spider-Man vs The Venom Symbiote   Unknown 2016
30446 Super-Heroes The Batmobile   Unknown 2016


Polybags That Appear to be Unavailable


Set # Theme Set Name Locations Status Date
5002941 Bionicle Bionicle Hero Pack Lego.com No Recent Sightings Mar 2015
30313 City Garbage Truck Target No Recent Sightings Apr 2015
30228 City Police ATV Kmart No Recent Sightings Oct 2015
30188 Creator Cute Kitten TRU No Recent Sightings Oct 2015
40146 Creator Lufthansa Plane Lufthansa No Recent Sightings Oct 2015
30283 Creator Off-Road Legoland No Recent Sightings Mar 2015
30284 Creator Tractor Lego.com No Recent Sightings Oct 2015
DRWU Jurassic World Dr. Wu TRU No Recent Sightings Mar 2015
30320 Jurassic World Gallimimus Trap GameStop, TRU No Recent Sightings Aug 2015
30293 Ninjago Kai Drifter Lego.com No Recent Sightings Apr 2015
40055 Seasonal Halloween Pumpkin TRU No Recent Sightings Oct 2015
5002947 Star Wars Admiral Yularen Legoland No Recent Sightings Nov 2015
5002943 Super-Heroes Winter Soldier Lego.com No Recent Sightings Oct 2015


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On 2/4/2016 at 7:07 PM, Alpinemaps said:

I asked my clerk today, and nothing.  He had zip, zilch, zero.

Yeah, at a store where they're typically generous, I was told they weren't given extras, maybe just those actually pre-ordered, I'm not sure. When they pulled my pre-order game out, the polybag was already groupedwith it by a rubber band, not the typical back drawer with a pile. :( 

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I walked into a mall gamestop and asked about the centurion, clerk said sorry and proceeded to ask for my information for a waiting list...unfortunately I was just stopping by that particular location on a business trip. Doubt they're getting more, but who knows...maybe they are?

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On 2/13/2016 at 0:15 PM, JimboJet said:

Target Easter set-up has two polybags:

30397 Disney Princess, Olaf's Summertime Fun - DPCI 086-14-0140, $3.99

30347 City, Fire Car - DPCI 204-00-0184, $4.99 (this was a TRU promo recently)

These are now a promo at target. fyi.

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