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Display Cases and Stands for Lego


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First Forum Topic creation and probably my second ever post - may the moderators and others be kind!

I'm wondering what folks are doing with their displays (I know, open, *gasp*, built, *gasp*) Lego sets.  I've come across very few items in general and even fewer in the U.S. for display cases and/or stands - generally made from acrylic.  

The two examples that I'll put out there are from PureDisplay and LaserLabs.  

Does anyone have experience with these items and/or competitors - or even a different approach?  If so, any thoughts?

I have a few sets I'd like to build and display, but the general dust and protection factors have given me pause.

Any (positive) thoughts are appreciated.




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I have display cases from Puredisplay and they're great!  If you have the space to display, then pure display is a great option.  The only problem is that half of my collection is in display cases and half are not because they don't make displays for everything, only select models.  I've been looking around for display cases for the UCS Super Star Destroyer, UCS Imperial Star Destroyer and UCS Rebel Blockade Runner to no avail.  I may have to custom make them unless anyone knows someone that sells them online.  Another great thing about Puredisplay is that they make acrylic cases for specific models so they fit the respective models perfectly.

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