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75083 - AT-DP


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The AT DP is now retired.


The box is substantial, and it's not a bad part count, but it just doesn't do it for me for some reason.


I bought two of these sets along with a few Wookie Gunships, a Ghost and some First Order snow speeders.


bought it originally to go with the AT AT as a package deal, but I don't think it does now.


Should I return it with the Gunships and the ghost? I would roll the money back into 10240's I think.



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Good question about this set.  Curious what others think.  I think it looks cool, but I also think it only has "play" value unless it is put into some sort of scene.  With the Hoth (rumored?) Ultimate Collectors Set coming sometime this year it could start a trend of more scene-like displays from Star Wars Lego as opposed to just giant versions of ships, etc.  If that happens, maybe this will become really hot one day when people are trying to fill their scenes with ships and walkers.  No clue, just speculating.

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