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Maxi et Compagnie Clearance


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Hi all, here in Quebec we have maxi grocery store, i don't know for the rest of canada , but those kind of ''maxis'' are selling food, but not only. They carry toys, cloth, electronics, while 'maxis' are only for food. 

In those maxis and compagnie(big one), you can/will find awsome deals. You just need to check or inform you when.

At mine here, I even found old atlantis set at 50%. But the regular sets like the new tie fighter will go at 45$, if did not sell after 1-2 week, you get an other 30% off, but they put a sticker -30% on it.. Last years when I found out about this, it was in feb or march, and I was late. All lego were 50%(except 4-5 sets they are keeping on shelves)

City, star wars superheroes, everything


I hardly suggest anyone to go at those store, and check BOTH lego section and clearance section.

But shhh, it's a secret.



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