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Scenario: what would you do?

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16 minutes ago, Trains 'n boats said:

Hey y'all,

quick scenario question.  Got a box today with seals popped (but fully intact and able to be pressed back down) on 1 side.  Seems to have all the bags, and weighs in right.  You keeping or you exchanging?  It's kind of a pain to exchange...



For investment/resale?  I would call and ask for a discount for the damage.  Offer to take pictures of the damage.  Be polite and sincere.  If they don't offer a partial refund, just exchange it.  If you buy multiples from the same retailer you might want to be careful with returning the same item repeatedly.  I'm willing to accept some damage, especially if I have a small pile of that set.  I'll just sell the worst condition box last.  If I have only one or two copies, I prefer a mint box if its for investment/resale.

Edit: reading your post again you just mention the seals (no box damage). If the seals look tampered with after you pressed them back down, I would still exchange it.  Some collectors are very picky about that sort of thing.

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