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852293 Fantasy Era Chess w/ NO Box - HELP!


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I have the opportunity to purchase set 852293 (Fantasy Era Chess), but it does not have the box (the one that looks like a book).  It does have the manual.

If the set is complete but has no box, what do you think the resell value would be?

I'm seeing prices all over the map on this item.  Used complete with box seem to average around $850-$900.  But incomplete pieces with less than stellar box start at $100 and go way up from there.

There is a manual, and I do not believe the pieces were played with much at all.  One bag is still sealed.

Thanks for help!  Have to make decision in a few hours.

Price would be around $100, but it's a bit of a drive which is the drawback.

Seller is very communicative and so far very easy to deal with and forthcoming with info.  

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I've seen pictures of this set. It's incredibly collectible, with or without box in my opinion. If your buy in would be $100, I'd go for it on a personal build level. Get it in hand then take your time hymn' and haw'n over what to do with it. :) (I'd build it!)


Edit: At that buy in, you might even be able to source an (over priced) empty box on bricklink for it, and still make a healthy profit.... 

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I just bought this set MISB last month. Not much information on it on the web. I couldn't find any good video reviews but here is a nice build review by White Fang:


Are you looking to keep it or sell it?  The instruction book is worth more then $100 if in good shape and the figs sell for a decent price. Do you have pics?  As always be carefull when a deal sounds too good to be true especially on CL this time of year. 

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Completely agree with the others, go for it especially for personal collection, just make sure all minifigures are there. For a flip, may be worth it, for investment I don't think so since I can't see the value going up much more over time especially with a significant number of missing pieces (the box is definitely a key piece).

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Thank you for all of the info.  It does look like an awesome set, and I would probably have kept it for my son.  But...as can happen with Craigslist things got weird this morning.

I guess someone else offered a lesser amount, so she double-checked with me that I would pay full price and show up.  I said yes.  Well...when she went back to mystery person she said he offered more.  I said that I would beat him by $10 and actually show up when I say.  But that I would not go back and forth auctioning against a mystery person when I was first to contact.  So of course she sets up time for mystery person to pick items up.  3 hours later she contacts me and says she has been waiting around the house all morning.  He has not shown up and she is frustrated.  He won't answer her calls.  So can I come now and she will only have me pay more ($50).  

So I'm thinking this guy either showed up and said no way, is made up, or likes to mess with people on Craigslist for fun...

My gut tells me something is wrong, so my gut will not be making the drive to find out whether it's right.  And I actually told her that something didn't seem right, and I would have to pass.

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