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75138 - Hoth Attack


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Oh look, it's Hoth Han. I know how some people do not like seeing Disney slapped on the box, what gets me though is all the tiny "Trademarked" symbols behind practically everything. HothTM, Imperial SnowtrooperTM, Han SoloTM, Rebel TrooperTM. The one after Star Wars makes sense but good grief the rest is overkill.

7 hours ago, dcdfan said:

Can someone please create a thread for this before it goes too far? Thanks

Swiggity-shred, here's a new thread. :bling:

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10 hours ago, fossilrock said:

Does anyone have the target dcpi codes for these new sets yet?  Usually target releases these 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  Wondering if I should start making the rounds… :0

I personally haven't but I work for Target. We have devices where we can search store inventories even for products not released yet. I'll do a search when I go into work tomorrow to see if we have it in our database.


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3 minutes ago, thoroakenfelder said:

According to several sources, March is when we should see them in North America. I wonder if there was a production problem in the Mexican factories.

Most likely productions issues.  I found it odd that the snowspeeder microfighter was released and not the x-wing.  They seemed like they should be released as a pair.

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Just now, dcdfan said:

Mexico is too busy churning out Heath Ledger minifigures...

I thought that was China. Did the bootleggers split up the territories? :codemafia:

I actually assumed the delay was due to filling in shelves with stuff that are carryovers from last year, and maybe absorbing some of the production shortfalls for Europe last quarter, I'm probably off base, but I doubt that these sets have been sitting in warehouses for several months because someone didn't think to add them into inventory.

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Oh I'll be binge buying these when they're on sale. I have all the Hoth sets plus a bunch of the Halo winter large boards and have been waiting for an excuse to make my own large winter scene. Surrounded by the winter village sets during the holidays naturally. I can have Santa's sled flick missiling ATATs. 

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