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70735 Ronin R.E.X. free when you buy 70751 Airjistu Temple!


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I know this is quite late, because this promotion ends in ... 12 minutes!
I never saw this promo anywhere on the web, only at my local LEGO store in Laval just now. Like the title says, you buy the 70751 Airjitsu Temple and you get the 70735 Ronin R.E.X. for absolutely free! Only in store. I didn't managed to get this online, so I called back store and a call back from them... I'm pretty confident it's gonna work! 

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Yes... It just happen that I went to the store today for the free construction with my kids and I saw this. I asked when it started, and they told me that it started on the 27th, on Black Friday. And it ended tonight at 9... I got it at 8:58 on the phone : a special exception!

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Indeed, that was a great deal... although it's problematic for those who need high quantities. I would have to bring a dozen friends to the Lego store to get reasonable quantities for part-out, it's much easier when they can all order from home! :)

That secondary market for the Gingerbread House is scary. We should receive a two digits amount of Gingerbread Houses over the next 2 days, and I'm reading these ridiculous prices ($65?!) from eBay/Amazon, while BrickOwl/BrickLink (where I sell) hover around $30...

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