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Mixels 2016

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^ go back about 4 posts..  

He's a personification of a TV personality, it's his tie; not a wang.

His head is like the traditional television set with the "rabbit ear" antennas. The red stud is probably meant to be the light or dial that shows when powered.

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I absolutely love Series 7 and 8. I think they really capture a sense of whimsy, and they're pushing the envelope (in a good way) with creativity on these.

These while bizarre are going into a uniquely creative direction whereas the former critters could seem by comparison as typical elementals (heat, frost, stone, etcetera). This collection of offerings is definite proof of the designers becoming more familiar with the zaniness of these inhabitants in Mixelopolis (or whatever the rumored city is for the animated series was called).

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Seeing these pics of series 7&8 made me want to collect mixels. Like all of them. When series one first came out I got one for my son, it was okay, but until now I only got maybe one or two from each series. I found some at various stores discounted from time to time and sold a few on eBay. I did end up buying about 7 or 8 sets of the space guys from the Lego website when they went half off, and built one of those sets. I've noticed after I build each mixel I'm more impressed with it than I thought I would be based on the package pic. They just look better in real life. So anyway, after seeing series 7&8 pics I decide I'm going to try to get them all, even past ones I've sold I want back. I used some coupon combos to get some good deals on a bunch of series three that have been hanging around my TRU on clearance forever, and got a few others here and there. I've been building one a day for a few days now, and they really look neat all together. for those who have some of these for investments, I'm sure they will all pay off someday for you. The mixel theme has to end someday, and then I think a lot of people will want to have the complete set. 

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So now that Series 7 is officially released, what are everyone's thoughts on these?  Looking at them in the store, I think the yellow tribe is the best of the three, with the drummer (Tapsy) the overall best one of the nine in this series.  Not sure about the long-term potential about the other two tribes though (other than for those that have to collect them all).

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