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Appears LEGO might actually be listening - RE: Re-issues


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What's interesting about this whole conversation, are some of you guys thinking Lego has to cater specifically to you and only you.  As if Legos only motivation to making sets is to focus on secondary market prices.  Sure they are paying attention, but they don't care if they hurt some of your profits.I agree with this sentiment.  Look, in virtual currency, my Lego collection is over $11,000.  I've spent around $10,000. (I have opened and displayed almost 95% of my collection.)

Do I have $1,000+ in profit? Nope.  Technically because I haven't sold anything, I'm in the hole $10k.  For those that think their set is worth so much, until you sell it, you are in the red.

Go the other way though, UCS MF is worth 5K now, you think in a couple of years it'll hit 8K, but in 2 years Lego releases a new one, and BAM UCS MF is only worth 1K.  You technically didn't lose $3500 profit.  You earned $500 profit.  This is why I don't understand people that hold onto things forever.  It's all a risk.

Although, I'm totally enjoying some of the freak outs about all this end-of-the-world talk about Lego investing.  It's a toy people.

I guess it depends on the amount of money in that toy, based on risk. Unrealized gains are still gains, just reflected in a hard commodity.

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