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Help on this lot and minifigs



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hi guys, admittedly I am still a noob when it comes to identifying sets and minifigures associated with those sets.

any help on this lot would be much appreciated 



Bricks in the bin appear to be from 6857 Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape.  Batman, Joker, Riddler, Robyn and Harley Quinn are all from that set.  There's also a stickered brick from Kai's Blade Cycle.

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Ok cool thanks. At least I can start somewhere.

I was already helping someone identify, and had this one already to go.


but with 68 minifigs, 1 maxifig and no numbering system, I'm out.  

Nice. I do have some parts that resemble that star fighter. Another good lead!

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That stickered slope next to the top right corner of the curved track is this piece (and the wheels are there on top of the black stairs):


The purple motorcycle is from Catwoman Catcycle Chase .. batman is from that set, but catwoman appears to be missing her mask in the picture of the figs:


Here's some help with the rest of the minfigs:


N - Ninjago
C - Chima
1 - http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?P=12895pb02#T=S&C=120&O={"color":120,"ii":1}
2 - http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?P=93227pb01#T=S&O={"ii":1}
3 - http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?S=5985-1#T=S&O={"ii":1}
4 - SPIKED TORSO ACCESSORY: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=93056pb04&in=S
4 - REST OF FIG: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=95747pb01&in=M
6 - http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?S=col01-10#T=S&O={"ii":1}
7 - WRONG HEAD: http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?M=col063old#T=S&O={"ii":1}

Oh, and the mummy next to 6: http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?S=col03-8#T=S&O={"ii":1}

Do you have more parts? Many of the Ninjago figs appear in several sets.

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