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Class of '15 - sets we loved and hated

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From a personal non-investment POV...



Temple of Airjitzu

UCS Slave and Tie Fighter

Detective's Office

Birds & Wall-E

24 Hr Race Car

Mystery Machine

Not so much:

No large Architecture set

Ferris Wheel

Pirates re-launch was a bit too familiar

Big Bang Theory

F40 - not too bad, but the T1 continues to be a hard act to follow

Endless super hero sets

Dimensions - I just don't get it, maybe I'm getting old lol.


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Ferris Wheel (let' s hope they can continue the theme longer than 5 yrs without re-releases ;-))

Tie Fighter (iconic - best SW ship ever)

All new modulars. 

All MF series

Simpsons QEM

Respect for the new Ninjago exclusive. First time I would be tempted to pick one of this theme up.


Elves (looks too much like playmobile)

Scoobidoo (would've been better to pay for a better licence - mansion looks nice though)

BBT (ovbiously, even though I got one)

Birds (I don't want to showcase them for a reason)

WVToyShop (terrible choice)

Friends (for turning into something very stereotyped / some sets borderline "vulgar")

In the end the balance is positive even though WVTS was a true bummer.

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2015 positive surprises for me:

  • all Elves sets, they're really good
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Ninjago Temple of Airjitzu
  • SW Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
  • Friends Grand Hotel
  • WV Toy Shop

2015 negative surprises for me:

  • CMF series 14: monsters

Everything else wasn't surprising in either direction, e.g. Detective's Office which is great but what else would you expect from a modular house?

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Also from a personal non-investment POV:

Sir Lovesalot:

Temple of Airjitzu

UCS Slave 1

Detective's Office

24 Hr Race Car

Ferris Wheel

Simpsons QEM

Mystery Machine

CMF series 14: monsters

Master Wu's dragon - Falcor the luck dragon

JW dinos


Kinda like:

F40 - gimme a Countach any day though

Tie Fighter - too much wing?

SW Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

WV Toy Shop

Deep sea exploration vessel

JW main sets

City space port


Not really interested:





No thank you sir, no thank you at all!:

Big Bang Theory - I just don't get the appeal, to the point I'm angered for the other possibilities that this was chosen ahead of.

Pirates re-launch - it's not a fair comparison but i missed out on the Imperial Flagship and i resent anything similar that doesn't come close.

Dimensions - cash sink


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Thanks for the opinions. It is always useful to see what people think about sets from a non investment potential as it could suggest what will be in demand from future dark ages afols.

Seems Birds is one of those love it or hate it sets but enough loves makes it worth following.

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